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Hockey Sports Therapy Overview

Hockey is one of those sports that due to its nature leads to higher incidences of injuries to the head, neck and joints. It’s incredibly important that any injuries sustained while playing the game be rehabilitated as past injuries that were not properly rehabilitated will only increase the number of future injuries that may require significantly more invasive rehabilitation techniques such as Orthopedic surgery.

How Do I Know If I Need Sports Medicine?

Ice hockey is one of the few sports that include a high probability of collisions between players, even if it’s a no contact pickup game. Injury is almost a certainty in some way given the nature of the game. Injuries to the head, neck, shoulder, knee and feet are common among players. If you’re suffering from any pain or discomfort in any of these locations. It is worthwhile getting an assessment.


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Our Approach & What to Expect on Your First Visit

We develop treatment plans that are sport specific. Our hockey therapy specialists will do an initial assessment and then develop a treatment play that will strengthen, reduce pain, and put you back on the ice faster then ever.

Return to play protocol

Gradual return to play protocol after a concussion or injury

1) No Activity

Function exercise at each stage include symptom limited physical cognitive tests and cognitive tests. The main objectives of this stage is recovery of an injured brain or joint.

2) Light Aerobic Exercise

Light aerobic exercise like walking, swimming, or stationary cycle with a maximum intensity of less than 70% of heart rate is permitted. No resistance training occurs at this step.

3) Sports specific training

Sports specific training like skating drills for ice hockey without any head impact activities, with progression to more complex training drills like passing drills or progressive resistance training.

"Training with the folks at CTHA literally gave my knees back"

James Davis, Age 32

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